Well, we are called World Piece Movers so of course we are going to offer something for free. As someone who believes in the value of education, I relish in the opportunity to use everything I know about moving and life to help make moving experience less stressful. If you have any questions give us a call. Did I mention it is free?




So you just found that sweet pad in Spenard that is within walking distance of the vibrant Anchorage nightlife. After the initial and well deserved excitement subsides, the logistical dilema of moving sets in. You look around and start to wonder "How did we get the couch up those stairs and through the door?". Good thing for you, me and my family at World Piece Movers have all studied the art of moving and would love to help you save time, money and your back.

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You just saw that smoking hot deal on craigslist for that refridgerator or couch (insert large item) that you have been on the prowl for. Hmmmm... If only you had a truck? Or better yet, a big truck that has its own fully enclosed box to protect your items from the Alaska elements I know who has one: World Piece Movers. That's who.

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